About us

We are a local, handmade, all natural maker of Soap and Body Products in Sherwood Park, Alberta. We are committed to providing high quality, earth-conscious soap and body products that will leave your skin feeling beautiful. We strive to minimize our environmental impact by ensuring our ingredients are sourced sustainable fashion. None of our products contain any detergents, surfactants, sulfates and are never tested on animals.

Once you bathe in our natural ingredients, you will immediately notice the difference! Each product we formulate, we set out to make something you will love. We spend many hours researching our essential oils, botanicals (herbs, flowers, roots, fruits, leaves or seeds) and supplemental ingredients. After months of testing on ourselves (my husband and I) and friends, the products are registered with Heath Canada and then ready for your enjoyment.

We are proud members of the Canadian Guild of Soap Makers, Chandlers and Cosmetic Crafters & Cosmetic Guild, recognized world-wide. Have peace of mind that you are purchasing from a registered member who is accountable for high standards in quality and craftsmanship.


The NIRC promotes “Truth in Labeling” within the natural products industry through the use of a graphic Seal and voluntary agreement to label products according to the NIRC “Truth in Labeling” pledge.