Holiday Ice Bundle

Holiday Ice Bundle

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Imagine for a moment, you have spent a couple of hours outside shoveling snow or perhaps sledding down the hills, and the cold has gripped you with some sniffles.  You unwind and head into the bathtub with Breathe, which will naturally open up your stuffed up airways and provide you with a relaxing and unwinding soak.

Top this with our best-selling Timber Hand Crafted Soap, and you have a winter bundle anyone would love!.

Save $10.45 with this bundle!:

  • Breathe Soaking Salts
  • 2 - Timber Handcrafted Soaps

To purchase as a gift, we have included three options, which you can find as a drop down box above the quantity area.  

  • White Gift Box with Ribbon (Add $2.50)
  • Holiday Burlap Bag w/ Ho Ho Ho Inscription (Add $2.75)
  • Holiday Burlap Bag w/ Merry Christmas Inscription (Add $2.75)